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what are the wheels?

The Wheels of Time and Place is a set of blank circular journals that you use to explore the glorious details of your home place. In creating your own wheels using the blank templates provided, you pay routine attention to cycles of day and night, phases of the moon, passing of the seasons, and your own growth and learning.

Whatever landscape you inhabit—urban, suburban, rural, or wild—the practice of using the wheels helps you use all of your senses to observe the world around you and seek to live more consciously in it – rather than simply on it.

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how do I use them?

To begin, select one of the blank templates such as the Wheel of One Day, Wheel of a Lunar Month, Wheel of the Year, Seasons of a Lifetime, or a Blank Wheel. Next, create a map or image to ground the center of your Wheel, and then begin to observe and record, placing images or words on the outer ring. Like a wheel on a cart, time turns around the hub of your home place. See getting started for details. And, let our gallery inspire you!

why circles?

There is surely something magic about a circle, the way it influences us to be both grounded and expansive at the same time. Most of us have been taught to think of the passing of time as linear, with one event following another in sequence by day, by month, by year. Placing the same events in a circle helps us discover patterns and use them to communicate about what is really important to us. To get a sense of this, read the personal stories that accompany each wheel in the gallery.

...but i’m busy

The Wheels of Time and Place offers a practice worth fitting into a busy daily life—and it need not take much time, especially once it becomes a satisfying habit. When you track the continuous rhythms of nature and the new lessons that time brings your way, you may find yourself feeling more alive. You may be as busy as always, and yet the practice of closely observing the cycles and seasons may come with increasing ease.

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